The SIRCLE® Method

The Miracle of True Healing Adult Stem Cell Program

Dr. Fisher's Road2Wellness Sircle® Method is an Epigenetic Adult Stem Cell Program

The Miracle of True Healing is accomplished by an all-star cast of players making it happen. The Proverbial “ring leader” of this outstanding crew is “Dr MItochondrial”. Dr. Mitochondrial’s role is to read the DNA Blueprint {of a perfect you}  and create that in every cell in your body and to maintain it in that perfect state.

What is SIRCLE® Method?

The SIRCLE® Method (Stress-Induced or Related Conditions Lifestyle Education)  whose mission it is to bring to light the hidden and obscure (and often brand-new) research that can change everything: the way we diagnose & counsel, the way we treat & measure progress and, most of all, the way we define outcomes and build lifetime relationships with patients.

SIRCLE® Method Benefits

  • Oxygenate the blood system, open capillaries
  • Burn <960 calories (per hour) of unwanted weight
  • Speed up metabolism, create new tissues
  • Help heal old unhealed injuries from within
  • Detoxify mercury, lead, environmental toxins
  • Combat muscle fatigue, fibromyalgia & tendonitis
  • Reduce inflammation & pain without drugs
  • Clear congestion, reduce allergies, asthma, COPD
  • Raise cellular oxygen, pH & electrical potential

Note: Although these technologies are being successfully used in Japan, Australia, Canada, and elsewhere, the above statements have not been evaluated by the United States FDA. For that reason, SIRCLE® makes no promise, express or implied, as to the results that may be expected by any individual utilizing these technologies. Some health restrictions may apply.

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